Meet Miss Dreadful

Artisanal Hair Architect

My name is Jonquil Elise Dreadful.
I own and operate Fiercelocks. I am an artisanal hair architect. My business specializes in fantastic hair unique to the individual. Dreadlocks, both natural and synthetic, pinchbraid hair extensions, basetie dread maintenance and haircuts & color.

Experience & Training
Fiercelocks offers a unique skill set: string seals pinchbraid attached hair extensions.  I’ve been an active hairdresser and licensed in cosmetology for over 25 years–since 1993. I’m professionally certified in Washington State, Michigan, and British Columbia, Canada and have taught my skill set internationally. I enjoy a loyal following for cuts and color as well as dreads & extensions. I boast years of experience and advanced training in barber skills like fading and tapering. Scissors, string and a honed skill set are how I make hair magic!

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Artisanal Hair Architecture